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Centralized access to internal company knowledge

Time. Knowledge. Communication.

Essential building blocks that increase your company's competitive advantage. Zesavi combines and strengthens these by recording engaging explainer videos that make in-house knowledge centrally & digitally available.

Record content

Share your screen, record yourself via webcam or upload existing videos to the Zesavi web platform.

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Edit videos

Reduce noise, add logos, and trim video right in the web app.

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Publish content

On the Zesavi online platform your videos are published - public, password protected or sorted by playlists.

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Share knowledge

By integrating with tools like Slack or Microsoft Office, videos can be integrated directly into existing processes and workflows. With our intelligent interfaces, you can always find the right advice when you urgently need it - without interrupting your work. Software installed locally on your company computers was yesterday. Use zesavi with any of your end devices and enjoy 24/7 availability of the entire company knowledge. This makes remote working at flexible working hours really fun! 

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zesavi and you.

Due to the high degree of customizability, different needs of your company can be addressed flexibly

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