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Essential building blocks that increase your company's competitive advantage. Zesavi combines and strengthens these by recording engaging explainer videos that make in-house knowledge centrally & digitally available.

Video platform

To create and manage recordings that are as individual as you and your business


We support you in identifying and implementing integral workflows step by step

Digitalize knowledge

We work together with you to increase efficiency through a central knowledge management, which can be accessed online

Screen capture

How do I record my screen? Video erklärt in 43 Sekunden
Select the application window that you want to talk about next. Decide for yourself whether you want to share your webcam simultaneously and click "Start recording". On the left, you will see a stopwatch that will tell you about the video length. Once you are done, you can stop recording, review, edit and publish the video.
Use cases for screen capture


How do I create a webcam video? Video erklärt in 42 Sekunden
Choose a quiet, well-lit environment for your webcam video. After you confirmed to "share" your webcam, you will be able to see yourself in the screen while keeping track of your notes and time. Once you are done, click "stop recording". Now you can review your recording before finally publishing it.
Use cases for webcam-videos


How do I add already existing videos? Video erklärt in 28 Sekunden
Select a video from your computer or drive and upload it to the zesavi platform. You can now review, edit and for example unlock it for external communication as a "public video" or password-protect it for internal use only.
Use cases for video-uploads

zesavi and you

Due to the high degree of customizability, different needs of your company can be addressed flexibly

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