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Knowledge management in the housing industry: An exciting project in an industry where the balancing act between digitalization and traditional, analog communication has to be mastered and thus offers many opportunities for digital positioning.
iSYS DIGITAL deals with modern digital technologies, technological issues and challenges in the context of digitalization and digital transformation. Zesavi was able to provide valuable added value here.


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The fact that companies are present in the media is becoming increasingly relevant. For example to generate new qualified applicants and a positive image. To achieve this you can share engaging posts on LinkedIn or Youtube. Especially sharing technical knowledge is very interesting for outsiders. Show people what your company is currently working on. The zesavi application helps you create and edit a promotional video with easy-to-understand tools. 

When introducing new software it takes a certain amount of time for it to be accepted and understood by employees. The same applies to new processes and products. Explain software functions and processes to your colleagues in concise videos. Present new processes and projects in an understandable and appealing way. You will experience that your colleagues will more quickly have an idea of what the innovations entail. This in turn speeds up integration.

There has to be a way to reach all colleagues personally with important messages. Regardless of whether they are at home or in the office. sind. However, a collective email to the entire workforce will never be able to replace a general meeting or similar. Nevertheless, to create a personal reference, you could resort to a webcam video. Create a short video about the current company situation or changes. It is important that our colleagues feel that we include them in important decisions. 

Onboarding of new employees can be made effective and time-saving with zesavi. Create short videos in which you introduce important contacts and explain the first steps. This saves an incredible amount of time, since for example, steps that are identical for all new employees can be explained with a video and no longer face-to-face. This way a new team member can independently set up a new mail address and gain an overview of current projects in the company.

In any company, it is not uncommon for a situation to arise where individual colleagues do not know who can answer certain and specific questions for them. In this case it makes sense to set up a central tool for all FAQs. We see this implemented in many companies in written form. A greater learning effect is achieved when colleagues are presented with a clear explanatory video. If every employee can create accessible videos for any colleague, this increases the sense of community, the willingness to learn and, incidentally, relieves the burden on a costly IT service.