Privacy Policy

Zesavi UG
Version: 1.2

Date: December 2020

Thank you for your interest in our handling of privacy and protection of your data at Zesavi UG (Commercial Register Local Court Kempten number HRB 15216 - "zesavi", "we", "us" or "our").

Your privacy is important to zesavi. Zesavi is committed to protecting your privacy at all times and applying the highest ethical and regulatory standards. For this reason, all communications from and within our Zesavi Software-as-a-Service (the "SaaS") are encrypted using state-of-the-art SSL encryption. This Zesavi Privacy Policy (the "Privacy Policy") provides you with information about how we collect, use, disclose, transfer and store your information, as well as the choices you have regarding your information, including but not limited to personally identifiable information (the "Personal Information"). You will also receive information about our use of cookies (see detailed description and definition below), analytics tools, marketing and advertising practices, and offline activities. Our primary goal is to provide you with information about the following:

Except as expressly set forth in this Privacy Policy or as otherwise required or permitted by law, we will not share, sell, or distribute any of the information you provide to us without your consent (which in certain cases must be expressly given).




As part of our provision of the SaaS to you and from our interactions with you, Zesavi needs to collect and has a legitimate interest to collect Personal Data. The Personal Data we collect is limited to information related to and needed for the conduct of our legitimate business purposes and/or fulfill commitments to you and fulfill our legal obligations as described in this Privacy Policy. Otherwise, Zesavi may not be able to provide services or information to you, or enter commercial engagements with you. We may have access to the following categories of information about you and only some of this information is Personal Data that could identify you directly, but each category may offer some information about your interests and activities that could be used to make inferences about you.

Thank you for your interest in Zesavi. The protection of your personal data is of utmost importance to us. Please find our privacy policy below.

Below you'll find details regarding how we record and use the information you provide while browsing and using our website and application.

Products and services

The SaaS enables you to share knowledge within organization or between organizations and external entities such as partners or clients more efficiently. In particular, users of the SaaS have the possibility to share information through different media - predominantly video, voice, and text. Users are guided through a step-by-step process to design their knowledge content as compelling and concise as possible. In version 1.0 of the SaaS, users can create videos of their screen with voice-over, their webcam with voice-over, a document with voice-over, or upload a video created with an external source, e.g. with their smartphones.When using the SaaS you can upload and share your own documents (the “User Generated Content”). Sharing a video or other kind of media content on the Target WebApp as well as sharing User Generated Content immanently requires certain sharing of information that may include Personal Data.

The SaaS also offers interfaces to common as well as individual knowledge management systems and messenger services. Associated with this are possible additional services and consulting services for conception, shooting as well as pre- and post-production of videos and the individual programming of interfaces to the customer's information systems. Furthermore, the User can use the following features of the software: Suggesting videos for faster provision of relevant short videos in the web app, sending marketing information about new features via email, aggregating data to create evaluations on the management level about the use of the platform, most viewed videos and categories as well as about "Power Users". In addition, a cookie is set when using the software to simplify the registration process or to avoid multiple registrations.

Like many companies, we store all Zesavi data on a cloud solution provided by Amazon Web Services SARL EMEA. ("AWS"). Please see AWS‘s Privacy Policy for more information. Zesavi limits AWS to store data exclusively on servers located in Germany. Storing User Generated Content on AWS may be deemed as contract data processing (the “Contract Data Processing”) depending on the information stored in the User Generated Content. Contract Data Processing will be subject to a separate agreement.

We use these information only to provide you with the best possible Zesavi SaaS. We may do this by sending a "digital fingerprint" of your Session. However, we remove any Personal Data. We store certain information regarding the URLs browsed in a Session [in an anonymized manner] and use it for debugging, statistical purposes and to improve our SaaS.

Audio, Video and Screen Sharing Recordings

If you use a feature of our SaaS that allows for Audio, Video and Screen Sharing Recordings, we collect information from you that you provide in connection with such use and through such Audio, Video and Screen Sharing Recordings, to the extent you provide it to us. This information may include Personal Data, if you provide us with Personal Data. By making an Audio, Video and Screen Sharing Recording using our SaaS, you and your company represent and warrant that (i) you have received legally sufficient consent from all coworkers or clients recorded (x) for us to collect, process, use and store provided Personal Data as set forth in this Privacy Policy and any commercial agreement you have entered into with us, (y) for such Audio, Video and Screen Sharing Recording prior to starting the respective Audio, Video and Screen Sharing Recording, (ii) you will only make, use, store and otherwise process such Audio, Video and Screen Sharing Recording in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, including data protection laws, (iii) you will store and otherwise restrict access to the respective Audio, Video and Screen Sharing Recordings using appropriate technical and organizational safeguards and (iv) that you are responsible for ensuring that your (and any of your personnel or representatives, if applicable) use, control, processing and treatment of such information and any of your legal policies relating thereto are in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations.

Any person and/or entity who expressly requests an Audio, Video and Screen Sharing Recording shall be the data controller of that respective Audio, Video and Screen Sharing Recording, and we will be the data processor with respect to the respective Audio, Video and Screen Sharing Recording.

Your zesavi account

In order to activate and/or use some of our SaaS, you will need to create an account (“Account”). During the process of setting up your Account, we will ask you for certain Personal Data such as your

  • Company e-mail address
  • Personal name
  • Department
  • Team
  • Position
  • Location
  • Manager status
  • Profile picture

We need this information to allow you to activate, manage or use your Zesavi products and services. We may associate your email address and other Personal Data (such as name, department, team) with your Account and access of our products or services. For further information, please see the User Experience and Statistics section below.

By using the SaaS, additionally to the personal data that the User actively provides, the SaaS also collects data that is passively provided by the User and their actions when using the SaaS:

  • Login times (date and time)
  • IP-address
  • Published videos
  • Created videos in status 'draft
  • Published Playlists
  • Watched videos
  • People that follow me
  • People I follow
  • Videos that I mark as helpful and not helpful
  • Videos that I download (only managers have this option)
  • Comments I write below videos
  • Videos that I request

Inviting others to use our products or services

You can invite a third party, e.g. your customer, to try our SaaS via making the video available on a public website of the SaaS. To use this feature, you will have to check a checkbox within the content creation process and share the public link with the third party.


You can visit most areas of the Zesavi website without disclosing any Personal Data. Zesavi only logs the domain name, IP address and browser type of our website visitors via our web server log files and analytics tools at irregular intervals. We use this information to log global access to our website.

For our SaaS we will ask that you provide sign-up an Account at Zesavi – see above “Account”.

In some cases, you will be unable to complete a particular step in the process if you do not want to provide the information requested. For example, we will ask for Personal Data in the following instances:

  • If you use our online technical support or ask questions about our products and services using the contact form or the contact options on our website, we will ask you to give us Personal Data required for processing the support request. This can include your email address, and name, as well as information about your computer hardware and software and the type of problem you have.
  • If you have requested a test license on our website, in order to activate such license, you may have to provide Personal Data, such as an email address.
  • If you request a service from us via our website
  • If you register as a new user to our SaaS and do not approve the Privacy Policy.
  • If you participate in a survey on our website.
  • If you subscribe to a newsletter. If you signed up for a newsletter and no longer want to receive it, you can unsubscribe at any time by using the unsubscribe option provided in the email or by sending us an email using the contact information provided below.

Use of cookies

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or in your browser. Cookies are loaded on your browser when you first use a product or service. Cookies do not include any Personal Data. We may use cookies to identify the browser you are using so that our website displays properly. We also use cookies in various places on our website in order to document your visit to the Zesavi website and allow for a more efficient website design. If you do not want to allow Zesavi or someone else to use cookies, you can disable cookie installation via your browser setting. While you also have the option of deleting cookies from your computer's hard disk at any time, if you choose to do so, you may be unable to use some of the features of our website, products and services.

User experience and statistics

We use our own technology (including soft authentication systems, storage and messaging engines, databases and big data repositories) to perform statistical evaluations using pseudonymized user profiles. We do this to optimize your experience with our products and provide relevant content and advertisements. If you utilize multiple email addresses to access your Zesavi Account, we may tie those emails to one profile. We may combine information we gather about your use of one product or service with your use of another product or service.

We also use the information we collect to offer you content, search results and advertisements that will be of most interest to you. We believe more relevant advertising provides a better Internet experience. This is also how we support our business while still providing certain products or services to you free of charge. As part of this process, we may collect information about how you use and interact with the advertisements that we offer. We may also use information about how you use our products and services across various Devices. Based on this Device-specific information (for example, the hardware model, operating system, version, device, mobile network information including your phone number) and the unique application number assigned to some of our products and services, we may be able to compile a personal profile about you.

When you log in and access your Account or our products, we may automatically collect and store certain information. For example, details of how you use our products, what kind of search queries you conduct, where your computer is routing from, your browser type and version, and Cookies that may identify your browser and/or Account. By reviewing and accepting this privacy policy, you understand and agree that we may combine non-Personal Data or pseudonymized data obtained via our proprietary soft authentication systems with Personal Data obtained when you sign up for an Zesavi Account. We do not share this combined data with third parties.

Additional information

Sharing information with third parties

Zesavi does not forward or sell Personal Data to third parties. If we work with advertising and publishing partners, we will only share non-Personal Data as fully explained below.

However, we may engage other companies to process data on our behalf. For example, we work together with Stripe ( to provide you with a convenient way to order, pay for our SaaS. With any such provider, we will only share Personal Data if we have an appropriate data processing agreement in place. We will only transfer the minimum amount of Personal Data we need in order for the data processing to occur. Such companies must adhere strictly to data protection legislation. They must also treat your Personal Data confidentially and use it only for providing us the data processing services. They must not use your Personal Data for their own business purposes. As we are a global corporation, we may store and process your personal information on a server outside the country where you live.

If we comply with privacy laws, we may share non-Personal Data with our advertising and publishing partners. Again, we will never share or sell Personal Data. This may allow our partners to tailor advertisements to you. We require these partners to comply with applicable laws and this privacy policy. However, these partners may still collect data if you visit a website by clicking on an advertisement. The way they collect data may include placing Cookies on your browser. They may also review the number of times you viewed an advertisement. The partners can track your search queries, where your computer is routing from and your browser type and version. We do not have control over the types of information such partners collect and how they will, ultimately, use it. We strongly recommend that you review any partner’s privacy policy before clicking on a particular advertisement.

A partner may request that you provide Personal Data in order to access a certain website. In this case, your visit to the website will be governed by the partner’s own privacy policy. Again, we recommend that you review any partner’s privacy policy before providing such partner with any Personal Data.

Finally, Zesavi may disclose your Personal Data if we are required by law to provide it to governmental agencies, courts or other authorities.

Protecting personal data

We have put in place lawful and industry-standard safeguards to protect your Personal Data. For example, your credit card information is transmitted in encrypted form using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate. We do this to make sure that your Personal Data is not lost, harmed, lost or deleted.

Anyone at Zesavi who has access to Personal Data has been trained in the proper and lawful way such data should be handled.

Viewing, correcting, blocking and deleting Personal Data

You have the right to view, correct, block or delete Personal Data Zesavi stores at any time. To do so, please contact us using the contact information below.

Retrieval or Storage of data after termination or expiration

In case you need a copy of all stored personal data or want your data deleted after account termination or expiration, please contact us using the contact information below. To do so, please contact us using the contact information below.

Public information

Note that information you send to a forum, such as URL or URL is classified as public information and is not subject to this privacy policy. When using our forums, there is a risk that others will find and use the information you submit. Be careful and handle your personal information in a responsible manner while online in a public forum.

Contact information

Please ask us if you would like information about the Personal Data we store. We will gladly provide this for you for free as quickly as possible. We can also send this information to you electronically.