March at Zesavi

As changeable and mixed as the weather was in March 2021, it was all the more consistent and without any fluctuations at Zesavi. We were part of interesting pitches and trade fairs, were able to make promising contacts and further optimize the web application.

By Marie-Luise Vielhaber

March: spring and autumn month at the same time - depending on which side of the globe you are on. As spring begins, a lot is happening at Zesavi. Accompanied by exciting projects and trade fairs, 2021 does not lose momentum. Lesen Sie gerne zuerst unseren Blog Ende Februar, der auf den zweiten Monat des Jahres zurückblickt, und dann was uns im März beschäftigt hat.

New technical developments

Here's what our developers were able to successfully integrate on the Zesavi web application this month:

  • The design of the login area has been completely revised. The concise design now leads users to the Zesavi platform even faster
  • Through technical enhancements in the background, functions such as licenses and license restrictions for video creation can now be implemented
  • Die persönliche Profilseite wurde aktualisiert. Name, Abteilung, Department und Team sind nun leichter zu bearbeiten und wurden designtechnisch verschönert

Pitches in March

After winning the Hubitation Contest in September 2020, we were able to launch a successful project with the Naussauische Wohnstätte Heimstadt (NHW) (read more in our review from February)! Often, neither an online learning management tool nor a social intranet is integrated in the housing industry - NHW has now started this as well, in order to strengthen cross-team communication and to collect information in a centralized way.  This media affinity is also shown by our partner to Zesavi and we are proud of the last months of successful cooperation: This is an exciting project in an industry where the balancing act between digitization and traditional, analog communication (with, for example, tenants, janitors, etc.) has to be managed and thus offers many opportunities for digital positioning. 

Through this project with the Naussauischen Heimstätte Wohnstadt we were invited on 04. and 05. March to the largest German PropTech Pitch. An exciting event with over 250 PropTechs, over 250 pitches, and over 300 networking opportunities with companies within the real estate industry. See the pitch we presented with here:

Also through the Naussauische Heimstätte Wohnstadt we were invited to the online event Pitch Club in Frankfurt on March 23 and 24 - an opportunity for startups to network with investors! The event offers young, creative startups the opportunity to pitch their idea to experienced investors and make valuable connections. So far, over 219 startups have participated in past 22 events, presenting in front of more than 800 investors.

At the end of April, we additionally started our pitch at the Insurenxt Digital Mess- the international congress fair for innovation in the insurance industry and the future leading platform for traditional insurers, brokers, startups, as well as consultancies. In search of cross-industry solutions, new ecosystems and business models that drive digital transformation and meet increasing customer demands, Zesavi fits perfectly and we remain excited!

Here at  we were particularly busy with pitches and trade fairs in March. We are overwhelmed by all the positive feedback and the opportunities that have arisen as a result and look forward to the next steps!