February at Zesavi

For many, this is the month in which the new year' s resolutions are either achieved or postponed. At, and around Zesavi many things have developed positively and the still very young year has gained enormous momentum.

By Marie-Luise Vielhaber

In the Roman calendar, February was the last month of the year and this began consequently with the month March. In addition, the year at that time had only 355 days and for the last month therefore only 28 days remained. Only the Julian calendar defined January as the first month of the year and this as 365 days long. To make up for the difference, the leap year was introduced and one day was added every fourth year. Although the next leap year and thus a longer month will not occur until 2024 again, we have successfully used this short month! You are welcome to read first our Blog End of January, looking back at the first month of the year, and then what kept us busy in February.

New technical developments at Zesavi

Here's what our developers were able to successfully integrate on the Zesavi web application this month:

  • Availability and stability of the Zesavi web application has been improved on Edge and Firefox browsers
  • The countdown has now been renewed audio-visually and a human voice now makes it even clearer
  • Implementation of Quick Recording and direct skipping of metadata entry to get to video creation faster
  • If the recording is interrupted by the pause function, a visual feedback indicates that the recording has been paused 

Knowledge management in the real estate industry

Over the past few months, we have been working together with our partner Naussauische Heimstädte Wohnstadt (NHW) and successfully implemented a new Zesavi use case. While NHW is successfully creating a symbiosis between seniors and juniors within the company, the company is also increasingly feeling the benefits of digitization in this industry. This opens up a wide range of opportunities for our partner as well as for young startups. By awarding pilot projects every year, Naussauische Heimstädte Wohnstadt wants to stay innovative and integrate new processes in the long term - so we also won at the Hubitation Contest in September 2020 and were thus able to launch this successful customer project! Progressive companies in the housing industry try to centralize expertise through Learning Management Systems, an eLearning platform. Additionally, in some cases in this industry there is often no social intranet integrated - NHW has now launched this as well, in order to strengthen cross-team communication and gather information in a centralized way.  This media affinity is also shown by our partner to Zesavi and we are proud of the last months of successful cooperation: 

This is an exciting project in an industry where the balancing act between digitization and traditional, analog communication (with, for example, tenants, janitors, etc.) has to be managed and thus offers many opportunities for digital positioning. 

Social Audio

In the field of social audio, new apps such as Clubhouse and Cappuccino are making a big difference. Clubhouse focuses on audio-based group chats that offer a very easy way to connect with celebrities. Cappuccino is an application through which users can network with friends and acquaintances - not in text or video form, but on the basis of audio snippets lasting a maximum of 3 minutes. From these individual 'beans', as the operators call them, the so-called 'cappuccino' is then brewed for the user once a day like a personalized podcast. These new formats provide a digital platform for informal digital exchange. This February, they show us how up-to-date an intuitively designed application with a simple start process is now and how openly the user accepts it. Because Zesavi has one thing in common with the social audio apps: In an era of social distancing, not only personal contacts are falling away, but also meetings, onboarding, training or customer appointments. The digitalization of such processes shows us how essential it is to continue to have the ability to share information and knowledge quickly and intuitively. At Zesavi, we are actively driving this forward with our responsive all-in-one web application!

This review of February 2021 has made you curious and you want to test the new features immediately? Here you can go directly to our WebsiteAdditionally you can now find us at Munich-Startup Map Stop by and search for Zesavi!