Why "how-to" video content gets more attention

By Marie-Luise Vielhaber

Getting the attention of consumers is difficult. In a world full of content, it takes a lot of effort to stand out from the crowd and successfully get your message across. "How-to" content can help here The YouTube creators behind the wildly popular channel MyFroggyStuff share three tips for creating the kind of "how-to" videos that can wow a viewer.

There are studiesproving that explainer videos are an enormously effective marketing tool. How-to videos get the most attention of any content category on YouTube. After all, the most engaging content fills a need, and what better way to do that than with a video that shows someone how to do something they're dying to learn? But that doesn't mean the how-to format is easy to implement, especially for brands. 

So now here are three lessons marketers can apply to their own how-to video strategies.

Find your differentiator

One of the first things all marketers learn is the importance of differentiation. What is special about the product you're trying to sell or the service you provide that sets it apart from the competition? That same exercise - figuring out what need you can fill better than anyone else - is the most important part of a how-to video plan. Sure, how-to videos are incredibly popular. In fact, they're one of the main reasons people turn to YouTube, according to a recent study. But that means there are a lot of them out there, so the competition for attention is fierce. Don't try to be good at everything, just focus on being great at one thing. Think about the main reason customers turn to your brand. The answer to this question is a good starting point for deciding where to focus your how-to video efforts.

"The communication behavior that is typical of the under-30s today will be part of the typical user profile in a few years via cohort effects. Videos will become even more of a central communication component."

Krämer & Böhrs

Resist tendencies toward perfectionism

Gaining and keeping people's attention when there are so many other things they might see or read means keeping a fairly regular publishing schedule. Working at such a fast pace means doing something many creatives struggle with: accepting that not everything you publish will be perfect.

Involve your audience

Anyone who has been involved in marketing for a while now surely knows that interaction is a key component if you want to successfully retain customers. Therefore, encourage interaction and sharing. For example, you can ask viewers to provide concise feedback in the comments on whether your "how-to" video was helpful. Or get new topic suggestions from your viewers. This guarantees that they will continue to pique the interest of your target audience. Additionally, you can mention other people in your videos who make videos on similar topics. This way, you may also be mentioned in their videos or comments and thus benefit from his/her reach.

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