B2B Video Trends in 2021.

Predictions for 2021 show that video formats will continue to persist in the long term in almost every area of our everyday working lives.

By Marie-Luise Vielhaber

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the demand for digitally created and shareable content. Where meetings, trainings, interviews, etc. were no longer possible in person, companies discovered that video content is not only essential to successfully engage with customers, but implementation also serves to strengthen internal corporate communications.

Companies for whom face-to-face customer interaction is essential began using video to compensate for closed stores and declining customer visits. Others needed to ensure that fully decentralized colleagues could successfully collaborate and be productive 'remotely'. The value of video content goes far beyond just digital training - it helps companies generate much-needed revenue during this time. Even if face-to-face meetings are possible again by the end of 2021, successful companies will pursue a strategy where physical presence supports digital, not the other way around. The expectations and experiences of both buyers and employees have changed, and companies need to meet them. 

The video format will prove to be one of the most important elements of new go-to-market and employee engagement strategies, and we review some top trends in 2021:

Trend 1: New opportunities in sales

Look for ways to increase efficiency in your processes. All activities that used to require live meetings or written content can now be done asynchronously. By recording videos that can be accessed as often as needed, you can share content and messages with each stakeholder in an organization on their own schedule. As in the Forrester Blog to read: Now is the time to set yourself apart from others and - especially in sales - find ways to stand out.

"As buyer preferences collide with the reality of the pandemic, 40% of B2B sellers said they plan to change tactics to adapt to remote selling activities. Sellers who have traditionally been limited to email, phone calls and screen-sharing interactions will look for more dynamic ways to capture buyers' attention."


Forrester Blogs
Predictions 2021October 2020

Trend 2: User-generated asynchronous video

At a time when everyone is familiar with the use of webcams and basic video tools, a similar trend will follow for the use of user-generated, asynchronous (on-demand) video in the business world. It's now essential that employees across an organization, regardless of their role, get used to the webcam. Switching between face-to-face meetings to those in front of a laptop can be intimidating - even though the technology is readily available these days. The willingness and ability to record webcam and screen-sharing video in addition to zoom calls is now expected in a professional environment.

Asynchronous video has emerged as a new way to connect with employees and prospects in 2020. By using asynchronous video, you can save yourself, colleagues, and customers valuable time while sharing information that explains ideas in a clear and impactful way. Everyone feels "zoom fatigue" from virtual meetings and conferences. With asynchronous video, instead of a video call, you can use the webcam to record your thoughts - and the recipient can view them on their schedule. Free your calendar from meetings this way! 

An amazing time-saving hack, both for large presentations and long emails. Try using a tool like Record a short webcam or screen-share video to show - not tell.

Trend 3: On-Demand ‚Show and Tell‘ content

People today not only have a shorter attention span - but also a lack of tolerance for online content that isn't helpful, engaging, or a valuable use of their time. They also have new expectations about how information is delivered. In addition to text and images, people now expect to learn via formats such as audio blogs, podcasts and, of course, videos.

For marketers, these new formats are a blessing, as they offer exciting opportunities to build a personal and emotional connection with potential customers. In 2021, when digitization has taken hold, this is absolutely critical: if you don't make such an impact from the start, your sales team may never have the chance to make a human connection.

We hope a glimpse into 2021 trends have opened your eyes! It's more important than ever to take advantage of video as part of an organization-wide digital-first strategy that preserves both humanity and transparency. Are you ready to get started? Click here to go directly to 

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