Team collaboration. Improved with short videos.

Strengthening teamwork and motivation is both a goal and a challenge for all companies. How can you pick up all colleagues and master challenging projects together?

By Alina Fesl

Keeping a team whose members do not always work in the same place together and motivating them to perform consistently well is extremely difficult. Since many companies are now increasingly offering home offices, this difficulty is becoming more and more apparent. Team leaders fear that there are black sheep among their employees who use the home office much more for leisure than for work.

The key here is to create a team atmosphere in which colleagues develop enough intrinsic motivation that they strive for good cooperation and outstanding results all by themselves. Strengthening this team feeling requires some leadership skills on the part of the team leaders. Small technical aids such as short videos also help here.

We'll explain how short videos can help you build a stronger sense of community and productivity in your team.

1. Do not exclude anyone anymore

For video calls with all colleagues, we often see the problem of time difference with international teams. Unfortunately, not all team members are always able to participate, as it may be late in the evening or even in the middle of the night for them. As a result, not everyone is on the same page, and the sense of togetherness quickly falters when individual members are unable to participate in joint meetings.

2. Save time

What do meetings in persona and video calls have in common? Exactly, they cost an immense amount of time. Often there are duplications, you go around in circles and no clear output is achieved. You can counteract this with short videos. The objective of your video must be clear in advance. For example, explain a new procedure or a new process. After the video, each of your colleagues will know what needs to be done and what the next step is.

Watch this video to learn about the specific skills needed in remote teams.

3. Help each other

With short videos that any team member can create, you give your employees a tool to connect and help each other in a new way. Each of us likes to be needed and get the feedback that you explained something in an understandable and competent way. Use short videos to empower every employee to share their expertise in an engaging way.

4. A better work-life balance

By allowing your team members to access short videos whenever they have time, you add a lot to their freedom in terms of how they spend their free time or workday. If there are fewer meetings where all colleagues have to be present at the same time, that means more flexibility for everyone. Here I would like to point out that one should not limit oneself exclusively to short videos, as synchronous communication is an important element of team building. However, many short status meetings can be replaced by short videos. The point is to offer different ways of communication if you want to motivate your employees and encourage them to share more.

5. Increase interaction

Introduce a platform where every employee can create short videos, and you will achieve a new interaction in your company. If employees can then even request videos on specific topics, you're taking a big step in the right direction. If there's an option here to share, like, comment and recommend videos, you're getting the most out of short videos to strengthen team collaboration. Encouraging interaction and communication in different ways is a prerequisite for more sharing and thus productivity and success of your business.

Short videos bring communication and thus cohesion in your team to a new level. Zesavi offers you a platform that guarantees you all the benefits mentioned. Request a demo today without any complications.