Office 4.0

The environment in which we work is changing. New office concepts help generate more productivity and satisfaction in your company.

By Alina Fesl


Office 4.0 - more than just home office

On January 19, 2021, the German government, in consultation with the federal states, decided that home offices must be made possible in German companies, provided that the job permits this. The home office recommendation is leading many companies further in the direction of "Office 4.0" - a trend that was already trend-setting before the pandemic, but which encompasses much more than simply the introduction of home office.

But what is this Office 4.0 actually?

Out of Office, Work 4.0, Smart Work, New Work or Office 4.0 - these are all terms that define a new working environment. Smart office concepts are emerging and redefining existing work concepts. The image we have of an office today will change fundamentally. The workplace will become a meeting place, it will become more social, more productive, healthier and more pleasant. Start-ups, tech companies and shared offices in particular are the forerunners of the office of the future.

What changes with the introduction of this new world of work?

The Office

The Fraunhofer Institute conducted a study that found that well-being and healthy furnishings significantly increase motivation and productivity. The key components to achieve this in the office are an ergonomic workstation, the right lighting and the ability to customize your own workspace.

Above all this, the aim is to strengthen the togetherness and well-being of employees. In modern offices, we often see colorful walls, desks facing each other, and many communication islands and spaces where employees come together to share thoughts in a relaxed atmosphere. It's about bringing people together at work. It's in the exchange that the best ideas and outstanding innovations are born.

The positive cost-benefit ratio of workplace health promotion programs is undisputed in the scientific literature.

Fraunhofer Insitut
Fraunhofer Institute
Study "Ergonomics Benefits"2019

The Home Office

Returning now to the initial topic, the home office is also an important part of Office 4.0. The desire to be able to work from home continues to grow - while Corona this even must be implemented. Work is no longer tied to a fixed location, we can work from anywhere. And where could we feel more comfortable than at home?

A big step towards digitization

This goes hand in hand with digitization in companies. In order to be able to work quickly and easily both in the office and in the home office, programs and methods must be introduced that simplify direct exchange and speed up processes. Archiving documents is done digitally these days, we can check our emails on the go, and the flipchart undoubtedly belongs to another century. There are a multitude of applications on the market that make our work more pleasant and thus make us happier.

New approaches are also being taken with hardware: through programs and tools that can be accessed online, everyone can work from their own laptop.

So Office 4.0 is changing not only the office, but also alternative places from which we work, how we communicate with each other, and areas of digitization.

Office 4.0 - a concept with a lot of potential

It is important that the development towards Office 4.0 does not end with the introduction of the home office after Corona. We encourage you to take further steps in this area. The trend towards an open and pleasant workplace will not only make your company more productive, you will also benefit from an image boost and most importantly, the Office 4.0 is the key to satisfied and healthy employees, which ultimately means nothing less than an increase in the satisfaction of our society.

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