The foundation of success.

When you know how to communicate effectively with those around you, you experience improved relationships while increasing the productivity of your colleagues.

By Marie-Luise Vielhaber

The importance of good communication in the workplace can hardly be overstated. Effective communication has a significant impact on every aspect of a business - from culture and productivity to customer relationships and business growth. We have compiled four substantial benefits of successful communication in the workplace.

1. Harmony at work

Open communication plays a key role in maintaining harmonious interaction in the workplace. The jobs of a modern company - whether in the home office or in the office - are in many cases filled with people of different cultures, beliefs and personalities. It is a logical consequence that conflicts will arise from time to time. However, provided respectful communication prevails, this helps to defuse disagreements and even benefit from intense discussions: People are more willing to listen and express their opinions. In this way, multiple points of view can be weighed, differences of opinion can be resolved constructively, and more thoughtful solutions can be developed overall. If different opinions are valued in the company, this also leads to improvements at other levels.

2. Engagement of your coworkers

Maintaining the ongoing engagement of their own employees is a perennial challenge for employers and their senior leaders. While some companies use all sorts of tactics to increase engagement, they often overlook the foundation: open, trusting communication is the foundation on which all other methods and ideas are built. In an environment of respect, transparency and trust, employees have a clear understanding of their role in the company. This is a critical step in ensuring that employees engage with their work and their managers in a purposeful way. When roles are clearly assigned and consciously assumed by employees, this inevitably leads to the next positive aspect of good communication.

3. Productivity & innovation

Employees who are well connected with each other - so that internal coordination can run effectively - increase their productivity by 20 to 25 %. Basically, if employees don't have to search laboriously for information or resources, but know specifically where to find them, this saves an enormous amount of time and nerves. Ensuring that all necessary information is readily available means they can focus on their work and ultimately be more productive (Pro Tip: entertaining explanatory videos by own employees for colleagues). Good networking thus also leads to a lively exchange of ideas and thoughts, which can result in an essential competitive advantage.

Encouraging employees to be open with their ideas and opinions provides an optimal environment for forward-looking innovations to flourish. Once employees exercise their freedom to give constructive feedback and develop ideas further, there are countless opportunities to look beyond the company and share new ideas or strategies with colleagues and managers.

4. The public impression

Projecting a positive image to the outside world via internal corporate culture promotes two business-critical building blocks that result from open communication: On the one hand, your company puts itself in a position to be a more attractive employer to high-performing, ambitious new hires. On the other hand, according to a study products of a company that is perceived positively by the public are bought more frequently. In this way, companies show that they have nothing to hide and act in an open and transparent manner. Finally, such an approach offers every opportunity to retain both employees and customers in the long term. After all, both the internal workforce and your customers appreciate an open and transparent approach in which they are kept up to date on all changes. The right communication strategy is critical to effectively addressing customer concerns or issues. This is how you convey appreciation of your customers.

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