Home Office.

6 tips to stay positive and productive in the home office.

By Alina Fesl

1. Stick to working hours

Sleep in, drink coffee, read the news and don't start work until around noon. That sounds tempting to many. However, the structure of your workday is easily lost here. It's important to stick to your fixed working hours, even in the home office. Set your alarm clock as usual, set clear goals and deadlines, and check your schedule. That way, you'll have a structured roadmap to get you through the workday productively.

2. Start the day with movement

From bed straight to the desk? Try to avoid that. Instead, open your windows, let in some fresh air, and do a mobility exercise (yoga or stretching, for example). There are plenty of YouTube videos on this topic. If you are lucky enough to have a balcony or even a garden, move your exercises outside! Stay fit and start the day with a clear head.

3. Put the joggers away

Even if you work from home, put on something neat.  You'll feel better, be more motivated and have more confidence. You don't have to put on a suit, but avoid the casual clothes you usually only wear on the sofa. Our tip: make a daily morning video call with your colleagues, use this call as motivation to get dressed up.

4. Arrange your work desk

Your workplace should be as tidy as possible. Clear away anything that might distract you. Make sure to keep the room where you work clean and tidy. Be careful not to sit with your back to the window, as the screen contrast often causes headaches.

If you do not have a monitor at home and work only with a laptop, you should pay attention to other points: It is advisable to work with an external keyboard, the distance to the screen should be an arm's length and the edge of the screen should be at eye level. The best way to adjust the height of the laptop is to place books under it. Make sure that you change your position regularly. Try to work standing up sometimes, your back will thank you. Also, make sure you have access to all the tools you need for work (like Slack, Trello, Google Docs, or access to the company server) at home.

5. Communication

Communication is now more important than ever. Make daily phone calls to colleagues, co-workers and teams to make sure you are on the same page to avoid unnecessary mistakes. Do you know the rule of seven? This states that people need to hear a message seven times to internalize it. Call your colleagues at regular intervals and keep up the social exchange.

6. Take breaks

Breaks are important even in the home office. Use them wisely, make yourself a home cooked lunch, do the dishes, laundry or a 5 minute stretch! Here, some swear by the so-called Pomodoro-Technik, to schedule productivity and rest periods.

These 6 rules can help you make home office work successful. It's critical that managers and business leaders understand the unique challenges their employees face in the office. As a leader, you should foster a supportive environment and culture that offers some flexibility, such as moving away from traditional 9-to-5 work schedules and encouraging transparency and regular consultation between colleagues, including about work schedules and availability.


With Zesavi you stay in touch with colleagues even at your home office and can access important information or request specific knowledge.

Wishing you and your team much success in your work from home!