Knowledge management solutions in comparison

By Marie-Luise Vielhaber

Every company has knowledge that often lies unused and in different places. Thus, the search for a specific answer takes often takes a long time and is embedded in an inefficient process. Especially in the Corona year 2020, where many companies had to rely on home office and remote work, the demand for a simple tool to create and share company specific knowledge, as well as processes that support to bundle information in one place, was increased. In this post, I would like to briefly discuss two software solutions that aim to solve this problem.

The first is called Guru and lets employees using Microsoft Teams search for previously shared knowledge from colleagues and then share it within Teams without leaving the chat window. The software solution Zesavi provides a platform for easy creation and distribution of short videos in which know-how is shared. The basic problem that internal knowledge is often lost within a team or company is addressed by both the Guru application via the Microsoft Teams integration and Zesavi via self-created video Video tutorials zu lösen

How does the Guru App work?

The Guru application unifies the collective knowledge within an organization, verifies the accuracy of that, and gives teams the ability to share that knowledge anywhere - including in Slack. This integration allows knowledge to be captured as it is shared in Slack. This new content is then automatically consolidated with the rest of the team, making it reusable and easy to find in the Guru browser extension in any web-based app such as Salesforce, Zendesk and G Suite apps. With Guru, this allows all knowledge to be searched on Slack and conversations to keep moving without changing the current context.

Application of Guru

- Support knowledge base - post product FAQs, troubleshooting guides and tutorials.

- Sales & Customer Success Enablement through playbook information including messaging & positioning, case studies, objection handling, competitive information, product FAQs, etc. in employee workflow.

- Shared knowledge

How does Zesavi work?

Explanatory videos reach people in the company faster and more sustainably than pure text. With our mobile-optimized web application, company-specific knowledge can be accessed and shared at any place and at any time through self-created explanatory videos - thus, asynchronous collaboration within a company is also possible remotely without losing the personal component. The software does not have to be installed locally on end devices, but can also be used flexibly in the browser. Zesavi guides users step-by-step through the process of creating concise, high-quality explainer videos that can be shared instantly. In times of home office and remote work, Zesavi not only saves an enormous amount of time by eliminating unnecessarily long emails or training sessions, but also guarantees centralized access to location-independent knowledge.

"Thanks to zesavi, we were able to focus on us as a team and make our communication more open, direct and with less internal conflicts. Through this new faster communication we are able to increase efficiency in our daily work. This has significantly increased the team spirit. "

Deutsche Bank AG
Christian Gabriel

Use cases of Zesavi

- Replace lengthy onboarding training with time- and location-independent communications that quickly get new employees up to speed

- Creation of marketing videos

- Quickly answer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) with audio-visual content

- Easy addressing of potential customer on a personal level although in home office

These are just a few possible applications of the Zesavi platform - different enterprise knowledge management platforms offer different benefits.  excels at making video creation so intuitive and user-friendly that everyone on your team can get started right away. Try it out right away!