Your Employee Experience Ecosystem

Digital solutions for interactive und lean employee processes on all levels, ranging from the first days on the job all the way until Offboarding.

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Benefits of a great Employee Experience

Research results from the MIT Center for Information Systems Research (CISR) show that companys heavily profit from placing value on Employee Experience. 

Making HR processes come alive

zesavi supports you in designing all of your employee processes more interactive and appealing. This not only enhances employee satisfaction and productivity, but saves significant company costs on all levels. We develop individualized journeys, informing and supporting your employees on challenges of daily work life. 


Knowledge is tomorrow's currency. Most importantly, companies need to efficiently manage and share knowledge. We offer the optimal platform - for universal skills as well as company-specific content.


Due to zesavi's unique process, any content on the zesavi platform is easily integratable into daily work and strongly promote direct application.


High-end content are essential for a successful learning and knowledge management. Together with experts and coaches, we support you in creating relevant, company specific content.


We support learning processes through interconnecting users on specific journeys that can be collectively completed within teams.

Digital Onboarding Journeys

conception and creation of digital employee onboarding processes.

Digital Training Journeys

conception and creation of digital employee trainings, including a range of zesavi learning modules that we developed together with Top-Coaches.

Use Cases

Choose from various application scenarios of the zesavi software

Facilitating Virtual Workshops

conception, execution and postprocessing virtual workshops with internal or external experts, trainers and coaches.

Intelligent Employee Surveys

data-driven process optimization through science-based tests and surveys on employee experience with individual adaption capacities.

Learning- & Knowledge management

consulting on your personal challenges regarding digitizing your company's employee experience as well as possibilities for implementing zesavi software solutions.