The platform for independent creation and sharing of instructional videos in your company

Easy creation of video tutorials

With zesavi, you can create entertaining instructional videos on your own in less than 10 minutes.

Who says you need special previous knowledge to create a high-quality instructional video? zesavi guides you step by step through the creation process. So really everyone can share knowledge: fast and easy - A time-saving competitive advantage!

All-in-one responsive web application

Company-wide knowledge in one place - available at any time

Software installed locally on your company computers is a thing of the past. Use zesavi with any of your end devices and enjoy 24/7 availability of the entire company knowledge. This way remote working at flexible working hours becomes real fun! 

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Seamless integration into your workflows

Find video tutorials when you need them - interfaces make it possible!

In addition to an intuitive search function on the zesavi platform, the web application integrates perfectly with your systems - whether Atlassian Confluence, Slack, Microsoft Teams or your very own intranet solution. With our intelligent interfaces, you will always find the right advice when you urgently need it - without interrupting your work.

zesavi and you - an unbeatable team when the challenge is :

Explaining and understanding complex interrelationships, processes and products vividly

There are countless use cases for video tutorials - we help you identify and implement the most important ones:

Your fast track to digital knowledge organization

The advantages of zesavi at a glance

Digital availability of in-house knowledge: A key factor in the digital age. Not only fulfilled with zesavi - but loved by employees.

Save time

Stop wasting time by asking colleagues. Enter your specific question on zesavi and find a suitable instructional video.

Retain knowledge

Nowadays, jobs are more specialized than ever before. With zesavi, you keep this specialized knowledge within the company through video tutorials.

Kultur schaffen

Keep each other informed through personal video messages and create a culture of proactive knowledge sharing.


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